Clean&Clean London will sparkle clean your property

Clean&Clean London will sparkle clean your property

We all love spring with its sunny days and warm weather but for many of us, the end of the winter also means that the infamous spring cleaning must be done. Specialists say that you must choose a certain time to do the work so it will be easier and more comfortable. For example, a colder weather might be better suited for cleaning activities such as London Cleaning, so there isn’t any temptation to throw away the duster and head for a walk in the park. To better manage your chores, there are a numbers of tips which you might want to follow:

Make a plan. Set aside an hour or so to check if you have everything you need and to make the battle plan. The general consensus is to start cleaning the dirtiest and most cluttered room in the house – oftentimes, this is the bathroom. Once the biggest snag is out of the way, you can head to calmer tides such as the bedrooms and the living room and, if necessary, the dressing room.

If you want to be thorough, make sure to also clean the walls with a damp cloth, to dust the top of the doors and to wipe the door handles with a disinfectant. These are details that most people forget or they don’t even think about them.

When we think of such a chore, not many positive thoughts come to mind but, surprisingly (or maybe not) some scientists discovered that cleaning the house gives you a sense of accomplishment. By cleaning the house and giving it a fresh vibe, we also clean our mind and body of negative energy. Moreover, it seems that the act of cleaning itself has the same effect as a good workout, releasing endorphins. Surely you heard of the runner’s high. Well, now you can enjoy it without having to jog in the park for one hour every morning.

Even with all its advantages, end of lease cleaning just isn’t for everyone. If you live a busy life and you cannot afford setting aside a few hours every day for a week to clean your house, or you just don’t want to put in the effort, there is another solution: professional cleaners from Clean&Clean London. Yes, that is right. There are specialists who clean properties for a living and they are more than happy to help you out. For a fee, you can leave your house in their hands and go on a little vacation, only to come back a few days later to a squeaky clean home.

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Leave your house spotless with End of Tenancy Cleaning | end of tenancy cleaning

Leave your house spotless with End of Tenancy Cleaning | end of tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is one from the most important types of cleaning because it influences your next place to live. If you are accepted or not at a new place to live in, it depends on how you leave the house: clean or not. We can help you to get a perfectly clean house to let a good impression to your ex lodger. Our end of tenancy cleaners are always available for you and they can clean your house even if it is a holiday or at a late hour.

We know how important an end of tenancy cleaning can be and that is why we have the best professional cleaners in town for you. It is absolutely necessary to leave the house with respect for your lodger and to do it peaceful. So, our end of tenancy cleaners will take care of all rooms, surfaces, furniture and electronic appliances from house to be perfectly clean for the next tenant.

End of tenancy is an exhausting action for everyone and it takes a lot of time because before cleaning you need to package everything, to find a car to carry them and only after that you start cleaning. Usually, almost all the furniture and other usual things from the house as electronic appliances, glasses and so on are from your lodger, so you need to take care of them and let them clean.

Why you should choose us and our end of lease cleaning in London?

Because you can be sure that every place, corner and things from house will be deep clean. You will not see any corner or place uncleaned, even if it was hard to clean. We are sure that if you will do it by yourself, you do not clean every corner because it is annoying and hard, so you need proficiency and patience.

Because we use the best cleaning chemicals for cleaning! They clean very fast and good all the surfaces, but also they do not contain some toxic substances that can affect a man health.

Because you can be sure that the house will be completely cleaned and sanitized. We use antibacterial cleaning products that will remove almost all the bacteria from your carpets or furniture.

It can last a little bit longer, because we at Cleaning Helpers want to get you a perfect clean house! But, do not worry about the price! This kind of service is paid depending on how much rooms we have to clean!

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Gather teenagers as tenants with ease

Gather teenagers as tenants with ease

Throughout the years, hosting has become popular among people, because it is not only an easy way of making money but and also a pleasing one.

More and more teenagers are choosing to rent a house with other peers or to stay with the host in order to pay less money on accommodation. They want to study in other countries or in other cities and not everyone’s family has the possibility to financially sustain their child. Being so determined to make a name for themselves and build a bright future, they opt for this solution and find it both economic and interesting. Of course, they are also looking for a friendly host with whom they may speak or spend time, in order to forget a little about their sadness.

When searching for a house to rent, teenagers especially look for a familiar environment so as to feel like home.  The hosts should be friendly, welcoming and ready to take the place of all members of the family. Whether they stay in the same place with the guests or not, hosts should take care of tenants and provide them with everything they might need. If their host is outspoken and caring, adolescents won’t feel the lack of family so much and would enjoy more the student life.

When it comes to the aspect of the house or the apartment that is to be rent, it should have at least the minimum conditions and be as pleasant as one’s native house. The place should have central heating, electrical current, hot water, connection to the Internet and the minimal furniture. A perfect place would be a house with big windows so as the light could enter and warm the rooms and with the walls painted in bright colors such as light yellow, blue, lilac or pale pink. It is said that the brighter the walls are, the happier the person will be. As some studies have proved, a person who stays in a dark-painted room is more prone to be pessimistic and negative, which leads to a low level of productivity. Whereas a person who is surrounded by bright colors might have a positive attitude and a more optimistic outlook on life, doing their daily tasks with a great dose of excitement and increasing in this way their productivity. Just think for a moment – would you like to wake up in a room with red walls or in a light yellow-painted one? We both know that the second option is everyone’s cup of tea.

Thinking about people who want to have a getaway at the mountains or to the seaside for a couple of days and are looking for a house to rent – they wish it be near the sea or in the centre of the station, have the minimum conditions and be pleasing to the eye. Most of the people would even search for a place like this at an advantageous price, because reading between the lines, they do not afford staying at a hotel. The friendly the hosts are, the more guests they will have, because everyone is searching for people to whom they can speak and maybe spend some quality time. Nothing is better that having a cup of coffee with new people, talking shops and maybe making life-lasting friendships.

If hosts are irascible, nervous, unpleasant and don’t know how to deal with people, of course they will have less tenants. Even though it might be cheaper, no one would like to see each and every day a grumpy man or woman and hear them commenting on everything they do. From my experience I can tell you that is a very stressing situation. Few years ago, I went with my mother to the seaside and we chose to stay in an apartment with an old lady. At first, she seemed very sweet and kind, but immediately after we have paid, she started commenting on our every move – ‘why are you coming home so late?’, ‘why are you having such a long bath?’, ‘lower the TV volume’, ‘I can’t hear the radio if you are strolling through the house’ and so on and so forth. Luckily, we stayed only three days, but they were the worse days of my life. I swore I wouldn’t do the same mistake to choose a cheaper place again. Although I’ll have to pay some extra money, but at least I will be sure it will be a happy stay.

Yet, do not understand me wrong – money has no connection to the hosts’ personality; I was strictly talking about the option where they don’t stay in the same house with you. Whether the hosts are friendly or grumpy persons is dependable on their past, their actions, their life and the obstacles they had to pass, but above all it depends on their outlook on life. However, it doesn’t matter the true character of a person as long as they have the ability to get along with those around them.

To sum up, a host should know how to talk, how to act and how to treat the people that are staying in their house. I believe this is the greatest strength of a host, because when are intelligently talked to, people can be very easily manipulated. Yet, the host’s attitude is not the only thing tenants are guiding on. The house should also be warming, crystal clean, enlightened by the sun’s rays, proving them with a peaceful atmosphere and with intimacy.

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Agreements terms between a tenant and a landlord

Agreements terms between a tenant and a landlord

If you are a tenant and especially if it is your first agreement with a landlord you must know some information’s about your rights and duties regarding house share in London.

As a tenant you have some important duties as:

  1. First and the most important duty is to pay the rent. Once you sign an agreement you need to respect it. Paying the rent on time is the responsibility you must accomplish first!! If you have any troubles you need to tell to your landlord and ask him to wait for your rent a few days. If he agrees with you, you can pay later; but, if he don’t agree with your proposal you are bound to pay it on time.
  2. They must preserve the premises! Once your landlord gives you, his house you need to respect it and take care of it. You sign that you will do not damage anything from the house or if you do it you will replace it right away. If you do not do it, your landlord has the right to close the agreement immediately without letting you to get the deposit back. You will have your deposit back only if you pay the damages. So, take care of all things from the house!
  3. Duty to operate is another important responsibility and it is written on the paper where you sign your agreement.

But, you have also rights, as a tenant:

  1. You need to know that you are protected from an eviction that isn’t fair for you! It is called: Constructive eviction”. So, it means that you as a tenant don’t have the right to stay in your landlord house anymore, but you weren’t evicted!
  2. Also, if your landlord asks for an unfair rent, you can defend yourself!
  3. You have the right to live in the property without being disturbed by anyone! Even your landlord can’t disturb you! He doesn’t have the right to come to your house unannounced! But, if he doesn’t come unannounced do not be disrespectful! Keep a good relationship between you two!
  4. You have the right to sign a long-term agreement! If you want an agreement for more than 2 years, you have the right to have it!
  5. You also, have the right to quit when you want. But, you have to announce your landlord 4 weeks before.
  6. You have the right to live in a property that is safe for you and that is in a good condition!

You can find the best house or room sharing in London only at: !

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How to prepare a hosting house for your guests

How to prepare a hosting house for your guests

Hosting is a difficult thing for hosts because it implies patience, having trust in foreign people and to be a communicative and open-minded person.

Hosting also means good conditions for guests. Hot water, air conditioner, heaters, a clean place, windows, to be positioned in a good place, having a wardrobe, a bed, a TV and all a person need. It has to be placed in the center of the city, near tourist attractions and to have a transport station near the house/hotel/motel, because people do not like to spend a lot of time from house to places they want to visit.

To be a good host at Lee House, means that you need to be a welcoming person, to try to please every guest with your attitude, presence and house, and of course to give them all they need to have a cozy staying and a beautiful holiday.

Hosting needs to have a host that is always available for her guests, to answer at every question, to quickly solve the problems that appears during the holiday and she also needs to have respect for every opinion.

An important thing in hosting is to include in the price the food, at least the first meal. If you are a host and you think that it isn’t necessary, you need to have a restaurant available for your guests, with a good program that fits everyone style. Your restaurant needs to provide many types of food, to make happy every person.

The way you do hosting, influence your future guests because you need to make your guests have a good opinion about you and your house (Lee House), to make them post a good review on the internet websites and to recommend you.

The price needs to be in line with what you offer. An expensive price will not attract too many people, but a medium price with good conditions, will make every type of persons to choose you if they want to go in a holiday.

You need to be receptive at people’s opinions and advices, because if you listen to them and if you will put them in practice, when they will see the change will come again at your house.

Hosting can be a great business if you do it right. Collect opinions, search about other houses that provide hosting (about what they offer, their prices and their specialties) and be always a welcoming host!

Some people will come again and again at your only for your attitude, because a few people respect and offer a good conversation. So, do what you have to do and build a great business!

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The end of tenacy cleaning in London

The end of tenacy cleaning in London

In London, all kinds of cleaning are important, but the most wanted is: end of tenancy cleaning, because London is full of tenants.

What you can do if you are a tenant and you finish your contract and you want to move out, but you have to clean the entire house? It is simple! You will hire an end of tenancy cleaners team to do it!

They will come to your rented house with professional chemicals and products that will not affect your health and that aren’t aggressive with your furniture, sofas, floors and electric appliances.

An end of lease cleaning in London means cleaning all your rooms, floors, furniture, sofas, electric appliances, windows from the inside. The price doesn’t include carpet cleaning.

For a better tenancy cleaning in London, end of tenancy cleaners come to your house with the latest equipment, to clean perfectly your rented house. You will also sanitize the house. Even if you will not live in that place anymore, is your responsibility to do all of that things. Let it become a responsibility for an end of tenancy cleaners team.

An end of lease cleaning in London means a lot of time wasted for you and because the price was made for tenants’ income you can hire a team whenever you need one!

A tenancy cleaning in London is a good service, wanted by many and many people every day. These end of tenancy cleaners provides high quality service, because they are trained and certified in this job. They will give you an answer at all your questions and will listen to all your questions too. They will pay attention to the details you want and will show you what a good job can they do!

These end of tenancy cleaners will come to your rented house even if it is placed in an inaccessible zone, because they provide services in the entire London area. Your satisfaction and the most important, your ex landlord satisfaction will be 100% guaranteed. Workers will clean everything! If you want to have the walls cleaned, they will do it, but in case of damage the fault is yours.

Your ex landlord will be pleased when he will see how you let the house behind you and he will give you good recommendations to use them at your next landlord! It is very important for you to show respect for people, especially for landlords because you will be treated with the same respect and you will have a good living in your rented house!

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Citi Clean prices range and cleaning methods

Citi Clean prices range and cleaning methods

Citi Clean offers to people the cleaning services they need, no matter what option they choose. Citi Clean professional team is able to get to your property exactly when you need! Even if Citi Clean services are wanted by many people day by day, here are some frequently questions our professional tenancy team receive daily when they go to do an end of tenancy cleaning or others.

How is fixed the price? I have to pay per hour?

The prices are fixed from the beginning! It depends on the size of your property and number of rooms you have.  You will pay per job, not per hour! Paying per hour can be an inconvenient for you because some customers can believe that his professional tenancy cleaning will make him pay more than really price. So, to remove such worries Citi Clean cleaners will be paid per job. They can stay to your house all day to finish cleaning and the price will be the same! We want to have your lease cleaning in London perfectly and we want you to be happy about Citi Clean team job.

If I choose an end of tenancy cleaning or something else, I need to have chemicals?

No, our professional tenancy cleaning means also our products and materials. A lease cleaning in London and all the other services are very important, so cleaners use professional chemicals and equipment. They will have when they arrive at your house all the necessary equipment. They need from you only water and electricity.

What isn’t included in end of tenancy cleaning service?

Well, Citi Clean cleaners will not clean your windows from the outside because it is dangerous for them. They will do it only if they can reach them from the inside. They will also not clean/wash your ceilings and walls. If you want to clean the walls you have to pay more and take the risks. Walls can be easy damaged, so if you really want to, the cleaners will not be guilty about anything. There isn’t included also carpet cleaning or garden cleaning, parking cleaning, terraces cleaning or balconies cleaning.  If you want them, you need to pay extra. They involve hard work and it can be included in the price. The ceilings will not be clean anyway.

And it is important to know that if you want to let them do their work while you aren’t at home, you can have trust in Citi Clean professional team! They will do the job perfectly without damage or something. Their only condition for you is to be home when they will finish the job.

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Lee House special treatment detailed!

Lee House special treatment detailed!

Most of the people goes in a holiday at least once a year and when they do that they want to find an accommodation with a good host.

It is hard to find something that fits exactly your desires at a good price because most of the times hosts try to make a great profit without giving so much. That is why you should choose Lee House, because this host gives you all you need at a good price.

What Lee House offers to you more exactly?

If you choose to accommodate at Lee House, you will receive a great room with its own bathroom.

The room has a bed for one or two persons (depends on what you want), a wardrobe, two nightstands, air conditioner, a little fridge and a TV. In the wardrobe you will find a big warm blanket.

The bathrooms have two towels, a shower, a toothbrush and soap holder, a toilet and a clothes support. You will find from the host a soap and a toothpaste.

All the furniture is luxurious and offers you comfort.

No matter what desire you have, the host of Lee House is ready to help you.

In the same price, you will receive a breakfast. If you want to eat a meal cooked by your host you will surprised because food cooked here is absolutely delicious! You can choose between more options of breakfast, for example: omelet with bacon and tomatoes and cucumbers, sandwiches with different types of sausage products and more. If you want something new, your host is ready to please you!

Hosting is one from the hardest things for people because you have to please all the costumers that choose you and your house. Here, you will find a good and warm host that is ready to make you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive until you leave.

At a very good price, you can have all of this included in your option! We are sure that you will be pleased and you will relax because this is the point of your host: to have a good holiday that is a stress reliever. Being a host is a very beautiful thing because you can make people happy and that is the purpose of our team and your future host!

Your future host is waiting for you and gives you the certainty that you will be satisfied! So, do not waste your time anymore and come in a vacation here!

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